10 Cent Tom

Tom, I had a vision and wanted to help reduce litter and create a cleaner environment for himself and generations to come. He decided to start collecting cans and bottles from businesses using recycling wheelie bins, thinking it would be a great opportunity to help them recycle and reduce waste. Tom wants to open a … Read more

Local Heart Kindness Recognition Award

We think it’s important to recognise kindness in every way so we decided to dedicate the 1st of October a ‘Local Heart Kindness Recognition Day’. On this day each year, we will present a deserving recipient with a ‘Local Heart Kindness Recognition Award’. We are happy to announce this year’s award went to Dave Kapeen … Read more

Spirituality and the Spiritual Life
1st Event Sunday 17th October
Victoria Street, Hobart

How does one understand an incomprehensible experience of Infinite Consciousness at the age of twenty-three ? Coming from a non-religious western cultural upbringing, across a journey of 46 years, with the guidance and love of just a few unique individuals, the search for understanding has brought much upheaval, but equal beauty in seeing behind the … Read more

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Foster Care Webinar
Monday 27th September

Learn everything you need to know about foster care at a free, interactive webinar from Life Without Barriers Becoming a Foster Carer is life long rewarding experience, not only for you but, for those young people who benefit and learn from your generosity. Click this link to view the Q&A Info Session and find out … Read more

Healing Pathways 10 Week Program for Female Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

This program explores the following topics: Making friends with our nervous system Self-compassion and self-care Neuroscience – connecting brain and body Trust and boundaries Connections and relationships Registration is essential Click this link to view larger image for more information

How Reclink Australia uses sport to improve the lives of those experiencing poor mental health

Reclink Australia, an Australia Post 2020 Community Grant recipient, is helping people in need connect with others in their communities through inclusive sports programs. As part of our Inspiring Australians series, we explore how their Street Games program in Perth, WA is helping communities build social connections and stay mentally and physically healthy. Reclink Australia opened … Read more