Addicted Australia
SBS Documentary 1 season

This story gives you extraordinary personal access, to the lives of a group of Australians and their families as they confront addiction head on. These people have signed up to a unique six-month treatment program and they have allowed us to follow their heart wrenching journey from despair to hope and possible recovery. Follow This … Read more

Could You Survive On the Breadline ?
SBS Documentary 1 season

Three prominent Australians – NSW Greens MP Jenny Leong, journalist Caleb Bond and author and TV personality Julie Goodwin – will go on separate immersive journeys into three distinct Australian localities and communities, to gain insights into the world of poverty and disadvantage in Australia. Follow This Link To Watch This Series

10 Cent Tom

Tom, I had a vision and wanted to help reduce litter and create a cleaner environment for himself and generations to come. He decided to start collecting cans and bottles from businesses using recycling wheelie bins, thinking it would be a great opportunity to help them recycle and reduce waste. Tom wants to open a … Read more

Local Heart Kindness Recognition Award

We think it’s important to recognise kindness in every way so we decided to dedicate the 1st of October a ‘Local Heart Kindness Recognition Day’. On this day each year, we will present a deserving recipient with a ‘Local Heart Kindness Recognition Award’. We are happy to announce this year’s award went to Dave Kapeen … Read more