Spirituality and the Spiritual Life
1st Event Sunday 17th October
Victoria Street, Hobart

How does one understand an incomprehensible experience of Infinite Consciousness at the age of twenty-three ?
Coming from a non-religious western cultural upbringing, across a journey of 46 years, with the guidance and love of just a few unique individuals, the search for understanding has brought much upheaval, but equal beauty in seeing behind the veil, that is mortal consciousness.

We are spiritual beings at a point in history perhaps never-so more in need of that understanding.

Those who have guided and supported me on the latter part of this journey have requested that I share my experience and understanding of the spiritual truth, of the individual, life itself, and how that truth can be experienced.

You are cordially invited to a talk on Spirituality and the Spiritual Life.
Come join me.   –    Phillip Jondson

Follow this link to view Event Times and Location

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