Welcome to Local ♥ Heart

Our Mission Statement

To boost confidence, self-empowerment and action within the community, by providing easy online access to needed resources, tools and information.
We would like to see improved  personal circumstances and well-being for all individuals and families

Hope – Empowerment – Action – Resources – Tools

Reason For Development

Local Heart was developed to enhance your online search experience and decrease your frustration by making it much easier, quicker and more convenient for you to access Community Service Information & Resources, in your local area. You can find all those services you need on one site only and you dont have to spend hours looking for them.  

The Problem

We don’t always know where to search for help, what to type in, or who to ask when we need assistance. With the lack of accurate or updated information online, sometimes it takes a long time to find what you need. As technology develops, society is becoming more of an Online World. It is only sensible that we have easy access to information on our phones, laptops and tablets wherever we are.

Our Solution

Here at Local Heart we have strived to take the hard work from you and include as much updated information as possible for you to access on one site. We will endeavour to review services weekly to ensure that their resources, published on our site, are as accurate and up to date, as possible.

We have focused our efforts on:

  • Community Services & Resources
  • Service Listings
  • National Hotlines
  • Local Area Networks
  • Support Groups
  • Online and downloadable information
  • Printable forms
  • Self- empowerment strategies
  • Personal development tools
  • Free Community Engagements 

Goals & Aspirations

We’re just not stopping here. Our future plans are to open a Community Resource Centre & Cafe  which will be a place for people to gather and interact,  source resources and information, obtain needed supplies if you are homeless, Job search, obtain a referral to needed community services in your area.

We would like Local Heart Resource Centre to remind the community that ‘ You Matter and We Care’.

We want you to be part of  ‘The community that supports themselves’.  

Share With Us

  • Do you have something to share with the Community?
  • Are you a new service ?
  • Want to List your Support Group ?
  • Do you have an upcoming event?
  • Do you have something to sell ?
  • As a local small business are you looking to hire?
  • Are you a Tradie trying to find work?
  • Would like to update your or existing service or + add a new service on our website ?

We can advertise your business or postions vacant for you, post an ad or a community event ? Simply contact us and we can help you by posting a listing on our Community Notice Board

Advertise With Us

Displaying your organisation is important to the community as it exposes your services to your target market and clients in need. 

Simply contact us and we can help you by posting an AD on our Community Notice Board or Chosen Listing Page thats relevant to your service.



We welcome and encourage your feedback which helps us continuously improve on our services to you.

If there is an area of interest that you think we should include or improve upon or something we have not yet covered, please let us know by sending us a message from our contact page.

If you have any queries or complaints, send us an email and we will answer your questions as soon as practically possible.

We’re making this  About You, so jump on board and help us help you.

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