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The Benefits Derived From Advertising With Us

We want to help bring customers to you. Advertising with Local Heart will be beneficial to your business networks and your community. It plays a signifcant role in introducing your services to the market and widening the online search to customers living out in remote and local areas. 
As Local Heart covers a large range of all Community Information on one site only, it establishes a noticable, direct link to the importance and relevance of your services.
We dedicate our effort and attention to continuously improve and expand our listings as they evolve. The objective is to generate more contents with high quality, relevance and usefulness to attract and help more visitors.

Educating Your Customers

Businesses create awareness of their service through advertising.  It familiarises and shows your existing and new customers,  all relevant information on services, products and programs , that can greatly benefit their family or individual needs and help toward solving problems.

Building Customer Trust

Customers are more likely to trust those companies that make an effort to enhance their knowledge about the nature of its products, services and programs.
When customers know and understand your features and capabilities,  it gives them realistic expectations on what they can achieve for themselves. 


Types of Ad’s

Logo on listing: 

Service Listing: Free to all Not For Profit Organisations 

Trade Ad:  Independent Contractors / Local Trades

Small Business Ad: 

1/3 page-width banner ad:

Half page-width banner ad

Full page-width banner ad


Our fixed Ad Campaign pricing is billed weekly, monthly or annually, depending on your budget and needs. Discounted prices for Not For Profit organisations apply.

Trade Ads: (Community Notice Board) 

 $5 / Week

 $15 / Month

 $165 / Year

Small Business Ad: (Community Notice Board)

 $5 / Week

 $15 / Month

 $165 / Year

Logo on Organisation Listing 

 $7 / Week

 $20 / Month

 $220 / Year

Service Listing

 $12 / Week

 $36 / Month

 $369 / Year

1/3 Page-width Banner Ad

 $20 / Week

 $70 / Month

 $770 / Year

1/2 Page-width Banner Ad 

 $30 / Week

 $100 / Month

 $1100 / Year

Full Page-width Banner Ad

 $50 / Week

 $150/ Month

 $1650 / Year

20% Discount applies for all Not for Profit Organisations when choosing monthly or annual advertising placements 


We like your campaign ad to be positioned as close to the most appropriate community service listings, that are relevant to your products and services.
At the bottom of each page there are either two or three positions available to choose from, ( left, right & centre of the page ). 1/3, 1/2 and full page-width ads can also be placed on our Community Notice Board.
You can choose where would like your fixed ad to be placed, which will most enhance visibility and interested traffic to your website.

General Advertising

Do you have something to share with the Community?
Are you a new service ?
Are you having an event?
Do you have something to sell ?
As a local small business are you looking to hire someone ?
Are you a Tradie looking for contract work?
We can advertise your business or positions vacant for you, post an ad or new service. Simply contact us and we can help by advertising on our Community Notice Board, Listing Pages or Main Landing Page. 


We welcome and encourage your feedback which helps us continuously improve on our services to you.

If there is an area of interest that you think we should include or improve upon or something we have not yet covered, please let us know by sending us a message from our contact page.

If you have any queries or complaints, send us an email and we will answer your questions as soon as practically possible.

We’re making this  ‘About You’,  so jump on board and help us help you.

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